NCAP – New Car Assessment Programme

A New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) is an assessment organisation in a specific region which crash tests new cars to determine a safety rating for each vehicle based on a number of variables.

There are NCAPs based all around the world.

They all take a similar approach to testing vehicles but differ a little in their safety assessment of cars based on the demands of the region in which they are based.

The Euro NCAP is generally viewed as the most strict programme.

Manufacturers are not required to provide vehicles to an NCAP for testing, which means that many vehicles on the market do not have a safety rating.

This does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is unsafe, it simply means that the manufacturer has opted not to have their vehicle tested.

For example, most high-end luxury vehicles and supercars are untested by NCAPs yet tend to be some of the safest cars on our roads.

Almost all manufacturers perform their own internal safety testing as required by law by many governments, but these internal tests tend to be less comprehensive than the testing performed by the various NCAPs.

How do we use NCAP data in our ratings?

Drive Ninja uses data from various NCAPs around the world when applying the safety ratings to vehicles on our website.

This is due to the fact that a vehicle sold on our shores is often slightly different to the same vehicle sold in other markets, so wherever possible we consider the results from multiple NCAPs along with the specific safety features of the vehicle being sold here to determine a Drive Ninja safety rating.

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